Blog 2: New Game, Certifications, and Impromptu Biology Lesson!


I recently got access to The Digital College‘s full course range for free because of my involvement with Remploy and anyone who knows me knows I’m kind of an education addict! Over the last week I’ve done the short courses:

  • Level 1 & 2 Food Hygiene and Safety
  • Stress Awareness and Management
  • Infection Control
  • Business Administration – An Introduction
  • Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work and
  • Social Media Skills – Work and Personal (Ironically I did this one after publishing my first blog post!)

A lot of the above courses are relatively elementary, but it never hurts to refresh the foundation of knowledge, just to make sure things aren’t getting too rusty while I’m out of work!

New Game

So I was catching up on one of my favourite YouTuber’s content (Trisha Hershberger) and stumbled across a short teaser playthrough of a game that’s just come out called Memorrha by Sticky Stone Studio. It’s an adventure/puzzle game and I absolutely devoured it! I bought and completed it in the same day and am already almost finished it a second time to try to get all the achievements! Think Myst meets The Witness and you’re not far off. The game pretty much centres around logic gates, which is a nice throwback to the first computer game I have memory of playing: Rocky’s Boots by The Learning Company (now folded into Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)!

image sourced from

My WoW buddies and guildies will be wondering what’s happened to me, I’ve barely played any this week! Productive use of time and new games, however, trump warcraft time… except when I find myself in a WoW hole and end up shirking everything else, but I try not to surrender to my addiction too much!


Anyone who knows me knows that occasionally I’ll let housework and dishes… pile up; my friends who were at my place last week can attest to just how many empty toffee sundae tubs were stacking up awaiting washing and recycling! Well I ran out of cigarettes and money on Monday, and have used the extra fidgety energy to get things done (a la Delores Herbig in Dead Like Me!)

sourced from

Fun Fact: food (remainder of cream) + warmth + moisture (from me, with the best of intentions, filling them with hot water to steep and never getting round to the washing part!) = a very lot of bacteria and mould! Well no more! I’ve blitzed the lot (finally!). I tell you, if I were a budding biologist I’d have been delighted with the amount of cultures I’d been growing instead of making this face!

Need I say it’s from Buffy? Season 6 Episode 5: Life Serial. Gif sourced from


Before running out of cigarettes, I realised that I’d gone and become addicted to caffeine again (thanks this time go to Pepsi Max!). Whenever I notice my habit has gotten ridiculous I withdraw: I remove all caffeine from my diet and caffeine withdrawals are tough… groggy, grumpy, headachey for a few days! I always feel better after the DTs, there’s something about the natural energy I have after becoming reliant on caffeine for it… it just feels… better!

That’s pretty much all for this week other than a few job applications and rewatching Les Mis over the weekend… I’ll probably spend at least two weeks with the songs from it buzzing around in my head… Apologies to anyone I see in real life in advance for randomly humming, whistling, and singing snippets! Also for anyone reading this who has a propensity to get songbombed!!

My Blog

I had a thought to myself that I’d try posting every Wednesday, but I seem to have more to say than I’d expected, so from now on I’m going to try to stick to topics… preferably with alliteration… Maybe Mood Mondays, Tidying/Techy Tuesdays, Work Wednesdays, Thoughtful/Throwback Thursdays, Fun/Fan/Fella/Fitness Fridays? Let me know what you think in the comments either here on my site, or wherever you followed the link from (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn etc). Or just stop me anywhere you see me!


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