Blog 3: I promise this isn’t sponsored by Evan and Katelyn!



Following reflection and feedback from last week I’ve decided on Making Mondays, Tidying/Techy Tuesdays. Work Wednesdays, Thought Thursdays, and Fan Fridays. But for now I’ll stick to only posting on a Wednesday until I really get going!


I now have my new sewing machine! Now that I have an overlocker and a sewing machine I’ll be doing some things! First thing I’ll do is probably make fabric dust covers / bags for them, as I need to think about how I’m going to store them when they’re not in use, since space is at a premium!

My craft corner!

I’ve also been inspired by my continued obsession with Evan and Katelyn (obsession mention 1!) to try my hand at making some of my doors a bit fancy! My dad has a bunch of woodworking tools, and I believe I can do it (That’s most of the work, right? self delusion?). This is dependent on having enough money to responsibly be able to justify spending on something that won’t functionally change my life or my flat, so probably won’t be until I find a job or finish paying off my sewing machine.


Last week I mentioned the pile of toffee sundaes that I finally cleaned up, but this week I’ve decided to go one step further and publicly shame myself about how many empties I had… in terms of my diet and also in terms of the amount of plastic :(… Not that it justifies it, but they are all now in the recycling bins…

My not-so-secret shame!

Making Aside:

I did this tiling in my kitchen using just Youtube tutorials (and… well… tiles, grout, and tools, obviously!) My next tiling project will probably be to tile above my bath so that I can eventually put in a shower. I’ll actually document the process to show that anyone can learn anything!! I’d never done any sort of tiling before the kitchen (so naturally I chose to jump in at the deep end and use bevelled tiles in a subway pattern for my first project!)


Continuing on from last week’s courses I’ve done the short courses:

  • Ummm I meant to, but instead…
  • 54 Evan and Katelyn (obsession mention 2!) videos! :s

So this week on the courses is a fail, but I’ve decided that it’s a better use of my time to watch videos work on small, achievable, web development projects going forward to add to my portfolio (if you want to see the projects I’ve got on my portfolio so far, go to my home site or visit my Codepen or Github pages).


This week I’ve really been thinking about how much time I spend watching vs doing and I’ve decided to start making deliberate effort to watch less and do more!

Sourced from

I have also been thinking about whether or not to make a comment on the situation between Blizzard, China, Hong Kong, and Blitzchung, given that I’ve mentioned my World of Warcraft playing and I’ve decided there’s no upshot to me posting my reaction to the situation, but I thought it was important to mention I’m aware of what’s happening!


I may have mentioned this, but I’ve been binging the heck out of Evan and Katelyn’s Youtube channel (obsession mention 3!), I’ve also been watching content by Jesse Showalter and Simply Nailogical… So if you like making, web stuff, or nail stuff, respectively, check them out!

Sourced from:

Rant(s) of the Week

Sourced from: my brain

One of my friends recently finally got a house move approved after putting up with horridly loud, inconsiderate neighbours (one of which, at one point, tried to break his door down after he dared to report them to the council for excessive noise outwith sociable hours) knowing that noise was an issue. His new place is above someone who parties loudly 6-11 every single day [EDIT: It appears that it may have just been that particular week that he moved in, because it appears to have stopped].

Another friend recently started a new job and, not only can they not tell her what her job is (we think because they’re not quite sure themselves), they require her to travel from Dundee to Perth and back quite frequently for no good reason, but refuse to cover her expenses to get there. They knew when she started that she doesn’t have a car and it makes sense considering a large part of her job is to ensure environmentally friendly practices!

Sourced from: my brain


This blog is very new… let me know what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d be interested in me covering , ideas etc!

P.S. once I figure out what I’m doing with this life blog and get it going well, I’m thinking I’ll start a patreon, it’s a little soon to really think about just for now, since I’m just happily ticking along!! I thought I’d mention it good and early so that it’s not a shock if/when it happens… my blog will always be free, but I’ll maybe go into more depth for Patreon supporters… also I’ll maybe send stuff… I’m not sure yet!

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