Blog 5: Bit of a damp squid!

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Hi Wednesday Weasels! This weeks blog is kinda light on content. I wanted to put one out, but couldn’t really think of much to say, so it’s a bit of a damp squid squib. I’ll explain why later… So let’s go…

This week I haven’t done much in the way of making other than a little adaption of one of my chopping boards, I forgot to take a ‘before’ pic and it’s not quite finished, so there’s no ‘after’ pic right now.

Nothing but a couple of easy CodinGame challenges and a 3 hour YouTube video on JavaScript by freeCodeCamp this week.

This is where I put most of my effort this week after my Remploy employment advisor gave be a gentle butt-kicking (and rightly so!) for taking my eye off the prize and not doing enough looking and applying for jobs lately. She has had me plan my time better and I’m committing to at least three hours of jobsearching per day in two sessions as well as at least two job applications per week that I wouldn’t usually necessarily apply for. This week: Barista and House Cleaner! EDIT: I’ve broken this commitment already due to feeling a bit wibbly this week.

I had the results for Missy’s blood tests last week and there’s something off with her kidney results, so she’s down to go in for a scan on November 20th so hopefully she doesn’t get sicker during this time. For now she’s getting plenty of cuddle time (not 100% sure if it helps me or her more!) and I’ve set her up a little blanket in front of the hall radiator which she’s happily claimed! I’ve also been making sure there’s always some Oatly in a saucer for her, it’s something I’ve noticed that she likes a lot! At the moment she needs as many calories as possible to help her gain weight or, at least, not lose any more. Needless to say I’m quite worried about her right now.

Well this week it’s been nothing but jobsearching and comforting Missy. That and watching musicals (and Buffy, naturally) this weekend with family. I borrowed and planned to watch Season 2 of Haven from my dad, but I didn’t get round to it.

Depending on how things are going with Missy and how quickly I bounce back from accidentally missing my medication over the weekend there may not be a blog for a week or two. I’ll try my best, but if I can’t put out something at least relatively interesting due to lack of spoons (If this sounds weird, check out Spoon Theory) then I won’t publish. I’m going to The Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry this evening with a couple of friends, so that should lift my spirits. I’ve wanted to go for years, but always remembered too late to find it’s sold out! I’ll take some pictures if I’m allowed, but they might not be great… I’ll post them if I get any good ones.

As always if you have any likes, dislikes, or questions, let me know!

Until next time have a nice Samhain / Halloween everyone… have a good one!


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