Blog 6: I’m baaa-aaack!

Hi Wednesday Weasels! I know it’s not Wednesday any more, but It’s been a while… and I have news! I’m employed! It sort of came out of nowhere exactly when I needed some distraction… Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the blogging rhythm. So let’s go…

Making Monday

I’ve decided on the fabrics for my ball gown for December! I may not have time to take pics every step of the way because I’m on a time limit, but I’ll try to get at least some content… I know I also promised a tutorial for my sewing machine bags, but that’s definitely on the backburner! I realised that I had a corset that I never wear, so I dismantled it to steal the boning from it so I don’t need to source boning supplies… I have four weeks to get it done, so that’s going to be my main focus as far as making goes!!

Tech Tuesday

Nothing of note! Other than learning a bunch of new systems for my new job

Work Wednesday

Here’s the main focus… so… as anyone following this blog will know, Missy passed away last Monday, so I was a little all over the place but… I found out and applied for a job that Thursday, found out I got it on Friday (no interview needed!) and started on Monday! It’s call centre work, which makes me a little nervous, but it seems like a nice place to work and I think my bad experiences in the past with call centres have been bad because of a mix of not being medicated, bad management, and just not being in a great place mentally, so I’m giving it another shot… I’m in training for three weeks before I go live on the phones, but I’m working for a company called Journeycall in Arbroath handling calls on behalf of Transport for London bizarrely enough! I’ll be dealing with Oyster card stuff at first, which I feel like I’m picking up decently so far!

Though Thursday

I’m just about used to Missy not being around anymore but I do occasionally, on seeing something small and dark out of the corner of my eye, for a split second think it’s her, so that sucks. I feel like I’ve coped well considering, although having the distraction and change to my routine of working has most definitely helped… Otherwise I’m feeling more mentally healthy than I’ve probably ever felt… I’m currently on the maximum dose of fluoxetine which is scary because, if/when my mental state declines I’ll have nowhere to go if I can’t increase my dose, but coming in for the winter months it may not be the best time to try reducing… but after winter I’ll be thinking about reducing my dose to see how it goes… We’ll see!

Fan Friday

This week I’ve been mostly watching Smosh on YouTube, they do comedy videos I guess? Which is a bit of a change from my usual of DIY stuff lately… That and I’ve recently gotten back into Age of Empires III recently…

So in my last blog I mentioned that I was going to The Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry, it was wonderful, although about three quarters of the way through I was in sensory overload mode and would’ve loved to have a sensory deprivation area… I’ve suggested it to the organisers, so hopefully they take that on board. I got a couple of photos, but I don’t think they were particularly good, so I’m also going to pop in the photos that I got from their media team to give a bit of a better idea on how magical it all looked!

My Photos

Enchanted Forest Press Pack

If you live nearby or are planning to be in Scotland in October 2020 snag yourself some tickets, they’re on sale here now!

So I did start this blog to document my journey into work but, now that I’ve gotten into employment, it may evolve a little (although thinking back I don’t think I really did a good job of actually documenting my journey to work and I kind of found this job by fluke…). Will I have to think of a new aliterative title for Wednesdays?? Any ideas??

As always if you have any likes, dislikes, or questions, let me know!

Until next week… have a good one!


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I'm an autistic transwoman living in Scotland. I'm a blogger, streamer, developer, digital creative, and wannabe entrepreneur.

4 thoughts on “Blog 6: I’m baaa-aaack!

  1. The enchanted forest looks so cool. Reminds me of Meow Wolf. They have several locations in the U.S. 🙂 I haven’t been yet but I met a couple people who work there and I would love to go. Have to wait until this Pandemic blows over though.


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