Blog 8: Two Weeks Later…

Couple of quick updates before we go:

As promised here’s a link to the podcast I was on: STA Podcast Episode 2. In the last couple of weeks I ventured out of the house to see two friends whom I’ve only seen virtually since lockdown. We went swimming in a local loch which was, let’s be truthful (it’s Scotland), absolutely freezing!!

News on the Twitch front: I’ve been having ongoing connection problems so, until they are sorted, twitch will have to wait!

Now let’s go!

Coffee Cup
© 2020 Izzie Kirkpatrick

I’ve monetised my site (see ads if you don’t have an ad-blocker and the buy me a coffee button below) and added new addresses for my site: you can now get here from,,,, and as well as the original!

Covid Affected World
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My thoughts on the world right now (specific, right?!) As an aspie, one of my symptoms is obsessing. I’ll often use the term OCPD rather than OCD because I don’t necessarily have illogical fears based on not following out certain compulsions, although some may argue this. OCPD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. I don’t have an OCPD diagnosis, but that’s a term that conveys some of my symptoms well. One of my obsessions is germs… People who know me know I’m very very squeamish about sharing drinks or touching food (I don’t even like to touch my food myself, let alone have other people touch it!). As you can imagine, this has increased quite dramatically given the pandemic. My thoughts on lockdown easing is that it’s going too fast. I’m glad that the Scottish Government has been taking a more cautious approach to the UK government, but still it’s less cautious than I’d like. That being said, there are some changes to the world that, having been quite slow, have been forced to happen quicker. Working from home has become a lot more normal and I hope that this continues even after the current danger is over as it makes so much sense; no commute time, less pollution, a more comfortable environment, I see no downsides other than for folk to whom work is a large part of their social circle.


I have two new email addresses! One is for my work with Team Kenya (which I use internally) and another is linked to my blog: Now I will have an easier time keeping work and personal emails seperate!

I’ve been playing with a few designs which I’m planning to use as part of my Twitch channel amongst other uses (Probably doing the Twitch thing in the wrong order, but I’m having fun anyway!). These are just rough drafts which I’ll probably tweak a little too… Let me know which ones are your favourites! I’ll most likely use one or more for below…… Although the left one may have some copyright issues in it’s current state!

Sourced from: Teespring

I’m on Teespring! Visit my shop here (Use Promo Code: EARLYBIRD for up to 10% off in August 2020)!

Until next time, my weasels 😀


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I'm an autistic transwoman living in Scotland. I'm a blogger, streamer, developer, digital creative, and wannabe entrepreneur.

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  1. I love the weasel design on the right. 😀 If you want any help with designs or ideas let me know. I love branding and Twitch stuff!

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