Blog 16: Fan Friday on Monday 1!

So here’s a callback to the format I used to use when I was trying to find a format! I spend a lot of time talking about what I think and verging on ranting, but for this post I’d like to share a little of what I love. I’ve also optimised the old image.

Tidied and Redesigned

If you have blurry or pixelated images you’d like me to sharpen up, order my 5/5 star rated Fiverr gigs starting from £4.02 ($5 USD):

I’ll only ever post about things I genuinely love and I will make it clear if I’m getting any sort of kickback for it with superscript numbers with details at the bottom of the post; I’ll only ever reach out to be an affiliate of a person/brand/shop if I use and love them.


DISCLAIMER: This is not a substitute for financial advice; I’m saying what I use but capital is at risk when making any investments and prices can rise as well as fall. The following links give a kickback both me and you (details at the bottom of the post).

Cryptocurrency is decentralised currency that uses blockchain technology to keep the ledger. Because it’s decentralised it’s not reliant on any one economy, so in uncertain times I trust decentralised currencies a lot more than localised currencies. Personally I invest in TEZOS on Coinbase1 and CRO on Crypto.com2 and here’s why:

They’re both generally stable currencies. TEZOS offers a staking reward for having funds invested of 4.63% EAR (Estimated Annual Reward) which is paid every three days (after the first 35-40 days). CRO, if you stake certain amounts, unlocks debit cards with various levels of rewards.

I currently have a Ruby Steel Crypto.com2 debit card and a regular Coinbase1 debit card. The Coinbase debit card doesn’t do anything special other than allow you to pay directly with bitcoin. Both cards are contactless and work just like any other Visa Debit card in terms of acceptance and use.

KerryAislynn (Twitch)

Kerry is my cousin and an active twitch streamer. She plays games and does art and her twitch channel is a fun place to hang out when she’s online.


I’d like to thank PlaceIt.net3. I use them for my mock-ups of T-shirt designs as well as graphics for inspiration and layout. If you’re looking to get into selling t-shirts or other Print on Demand products it’s a really good resource for design.


Philip Defranco

He’s a news presenter/commentator who is fast and funny. I’ve been a follower of him since his Sourcefed days. He tries to balance news and is very good at separating the news from his opinion (though he will tell both!). He also links to his sources in his video descriptions. He has a couple of other channels… check them out:

Evan And Katelyn

I’ve spoken about this couple before but I remain a loyal fan. They do fun crafty stuff, are entertaining, and I possibly might have a crush on them as a couple!!! Aside from their main channel they have a few others too… Check out:

Greg Gottfried

One of my sources of inspiration aside from my late sister to get into entrepreneurship Check out his videos if you’re interested in learning more.

Redhead Love4

I am the owner of this brand. With the help of PlaceIt.net3 I’ve designed and mocked up some designs as well as the logo. If you are a redhead (natural or otherwise) or a fan of redheads; show your love by wearing Redhead Love apparel!

This Blog!!!

Last October (I missed the anniversary!!) I started this blog as a way to document my journey into work. It’s evolved since then and officially I think I’ll use Blog 11 as the anniversary going forward since it’s essentially a different beast than it was when I started. It is an outlet first and foremost, but also a way to develop myself and earn a little money.



  hours  minutes  seconds


My next Twitch Stream

Until next time, my weasels!

As always if you like what I do please consider buying yourself one of my Teespring products or buy me a coffee with the buttons below. It would really help me out and help me continue to provide the level of content that I’ve been giving (or better if you have suggestions, I am always open to feedback and strive to improve!). Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, and if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in future posts in the comments or by email.

If you love any of my images and you don’t find them in my Teespring shop, drop me an email telling me which image and what you want it on and I’ll make a posting for you!

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2.00 £

1 You and I will both get £7.66 in free bitcoin when you buy or sell £76.64 of any crypto if you sign up with this link

2 If you sign up with this link we’ll both get $50 USD when you stake 1000 CRO which, at time of writing, is equivalent to £119.40

3 I get a percentage kickback for any purchase or subscription

4 I am the owner of this brand. All profit aside from Teespring’s share goes directly to me


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