This is where I’ll be putting my work, be it interior design, graphics, whatever!

2020 Graphics

IK Camo

This was a camouflage design using my brand colours. I made it tile-able and this is a 2 x 2 layout. I used the 1×1 layout as the basis of my mask on Teespring

Did I Say That?!

I designed this image to serve as the featured image for my post on radical honesty. I like it so much I released it as a listing on my Teespring Shop! I also used it as a base for the design for the featured image on my Migraines post


My nickname for the readers of my blog is my Wednesday Weasels (this blog originally released on a Wednesday)


I made this mouth and teeth as a literal interpretation of the title of my ‘teething problems’ post




This is a mock screenshot of a game that I designed. All art by me, influenced heavily by the Teldrassil colour scheme in World of Warcraft.

This as a sprite sheet for a 2D character.

A screenshot of a short 3D game I made for uni.

Stationary art provided by uni, I made this animation of it walking.

Logos 2020

Below were the two other contenders for my new logo during my 2020 rebrand.

Self Portrait
3D Architecty Design

Older Logos

As I’ve grown and improved I’ve gone through various logos. Here are my old ones in reverse chronological order!


I played with negative space for this one

This was a very small image when I only envisaged using it as the favicon (the little symbol that appears next to the page name in the tab)

This is the very first logo I designed for myself. The only version I could find was obscured, so I’ve had to touch it up from memory!

Old Style Graphics

I made these to serve as my section headers in the original format of my blog. The images speak for themselves but I decided to make them deliberately colourless so as not to take attention away from the content.

Making Monday
Tech Tuesday

Work Wednesday
Though Thursday
Fan Friday
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